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Wee Wheels Preschool

Mission Statement

We believe the early years are vital in a child's education, which is why we ensure Wee Wheels always offers the highest level of care and learning opportunities in a positive, stimulating and exciting environment.

We understand young children are curious by nature, and developing their own free will. Our staff are great at adapting as needed so no child will feel out of place.

We introduce routines, topics and structured play at a comfortable pace and in a way the children can have the most fun.

Our curriculum is built upon a foundation that focuses on their emotional and mental wellbeing, developing confidence and a positive level of self-esteem. 

We focus on the following seven areas of development (as laid out in the Preschool Education Curricular Guidance)

  1. Personal, Social and Emotional 

  2. Physical 

  3. Communication and Language

  4. Mathematics

  5. Literacy

  6. Understanding the World

  7. Expressive Art and Design

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